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Participants in Loving Hands programs include families of murdered loved ones – with a special focus on mothers and siblings, young men and women who are at risk or already gang-affiliated, and the homeless population in Watts. The effect of the all Loving Hands programming is that participants begin to heal and share their personal experiences of loss and grief, taking that understanding and helping to heal their community,  therefore creating a ripple effect of both healing and forgiveness.



The focus of this program is the annual Mother’s Day Luncheon which provides more than 200 bereaving mothers and siblings with comfort and relief on a very difficult day.  All guests are treated to a complimentary luncheon filled with motivational and inspirational programming including music, poetry, dance, encouraging conversations and speakers.  In addition to the Luncheon held in May each year, support for grieving mothers also includes intensive wraparound services for mothers such as court accompaniment, escort to viewings, long‐term aftercare and any  on‐going support the mother may seek.



This programming focus on the family members of murder victims specifically the children and siblings impacted by the death.  The goal of this programming is to remind the children and families that the community as a whole cares for them and is there to provide support. While services are available year-round, extra effort is made at Back-to-School time, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to ensure that these children and families have a reason to celebrate, we do this by ensuring they have warm clothes, food, and holiday gifts.  As the grief and healing process of siblings is often overlooked, Loving Hands provides year‐round programs focused  on their needs and well‐being.



Loving Hands Community Care provides an array of mentoring activities for young men and women throughout the community; the youth engaged in this program are at risk of becoming gang involved. Programming is designed as both prevention and intervention. Mentoring includes life skills exercises and intense impact sessions, field trips and experiences outside of the immediate community, and a safe environment for young people to be together and relaxed.



A monthly support group for parents, grandparents and siblings who have experienced the death of a loved one as the result of gang violence or trauma. The group focuses on supporting one another through talking, eating, sharing, and fun activities to build community and support for one another. This program is co‐facilitated with The Compassionate Friends.

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