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Loving Hands Community Care

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Dear Loving Hands Mothers, Friends, and Family:

My name is Kathy Wooten and I am the founder of a nonprofit organization based in Watts

called ​Loving Hands Community Care​. In 2008, after my two older sons were murdered as a

result of gang violence, I turned my grief into action by hosting a Mother’s Day Luncheon for

bereaved moms who could not face that day alone. Over the last twelve years, our organization

has grown, and we now serve hundreds of grieving mothers, siblings, and children through our

Mother’s Day Luncheon, counseling services, and other programming.

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for all of us, but the COVID pandemic has hit my

community particularly hard. Many families do not have the means to celebrate this holiday

season, as they are struggling to simply put food on the table. Your tax-deductible donation to

our ​HOLIDAY FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN​ ​will help provide Thanksgiving and Christmas

dinners to many of these families, as well as Christmas toys to their children. Donations of all

sizes truly make a difference!

I look forward to the day when I can thank you and all of my donors IN PERSON! Until then, be

well, stay safe, and happy holidays!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Kathy Wooten

Founder, Loving Hands Community Care

$10,000 -

Post-Covid Thank You Reception for Donors at the iconic Watts Coffee House with soul food, live music, speakers from the community, and recognition for our donors

$5,000 -

Provide attendance for 25 mothers, who had a child die this year, to our ANNUAL  MOTHERS’ DAY  LUNCHEON, beautiful gift baskets of hope, and six months of participation in our support groups

$2,500 -

Provide attendance for 100 mothers to our annual MOTHERS’ DAY LUNCHEON, a  day of healing  and celebration for bereaved moms

$1,000 -

Christmas presents from Santa for 20 very excited children

$500  - 

Christmas presents from Santa for 10 very excited children

$250  - 

Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners for one family AND Christmas stockings for the children

$100  - 

Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners for one family

$50    - 

Thanksgiving dinner for one family 

$25    - 

One holiday turkey

$___   - 


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