$10,000 -

Post-Covid Thank You Reception for Donors at the iconic Watts Coffee House with soul food, live music, speakers from the community, and recognition for our donors

$5,000 -

Provide attendance for 25 mothers who had a child die this year to our annual MOTHERS’ DAY  LUNCHEON, beautiful gift baskets of hope, and six months of participation in our support groups

$2,500 -

Provide attendance for 100 mothers to our annual MOTHERS’ DAY LUNCHEON, a day of healing and celebration for bereaved moms

$1,000 -

Christmas presents from Santa for 20 very excited children

$500  - 

Christmas presents from Santa for 10 very excited children

$250  - 

Christmas dinner for one family AND Christmas stockings for the children

$100  - 

Christmas dinners for two families

$50    - 

Christmas dinner for one family 

$25    - 

One Christmas turkey